The Botanical Brownie is your Cannabis Edibles Solution

The Botanical Brownie is passionate about your mental, physical and spiritual health. Our select line of Take and Bake mixes are incredibly easy to infuse with your own cannabis oil. All products are organic, vegan and gluten-free.

Natural herbal remedy

Healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals

High-quality, safe & effective

Controlled, gentle high


It's time to break the stigma of cannabis use.

Our products are made for those who want to enjoy the healing benefits of gourmet edibles in a controlled way. Cannabis has healing properties that can provide relief from minor ailments to life-threatening diseases. Whether you’re an overwhelmed mom seeking a moment of delicious relief or someone who is suffering from chronic pain, ​we look forward to becoming your herbal remedy of choice.



I love to bake and create! Some of my fondest childhood memories involve baking with my Mom and Nana. Although I have been a much better cook since ​I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle six years ago, I have always been able to bake like a pro!

A cannabis edible company was Danya’s brainchild but I quickly came to realize I loved her business idea! When Danya asked me to become her business partner, I thought, "hell-ya" and leaped on board.

I have always been passionate about the healing power of diet and exercise, plus I love nutritious and fresh food. I truly believe food is medicine! Awesome nutrition in and awesome energy out! Cannabis edibles are a natural progression of that deep-seated belief. Why not take delicious, fresh and healthy baked treats and infuse them with the healing power of cannabis? It was a total no-brainer for me. I am truly excited to serve every one of our clients with the absolute pinnacle of cannabis edibles. You can expect only the best in quality and nutrition from your Botanical Babes, Danya and me.


The journey of how I became involved with the world of cannabis has been a lifetime expedition.

It began with my development of Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and panic episodes, depression, Anorexia and a life-long battle with Tourette’s Syndrome.

I struggled with such psychiatric conditions since I was a child and these conditions increased in intensity as I became older. I remember being confused and scared when I was young, not knowing why I was experiencing odd movements, irrational fears, and not connecting well to peers. As I developed into an adult, my behaviour became disconnected to people, and the mood disorder and anxiety leaked into everything that I did. I had to be hospitalized at one point in my life for severe anorexia and since then I have struggled with weight fluctuations and relationship with food. My Tourette's Syndrome tics became a source of social embarrassment. People made fun of me, I lost friends and repelled others, and ended up withdrawing from social engagements and relationships as a result.

In my late teens, I began to self-medicate with alcohol and this attempt to remedy my suffering morphed into the constant use of not only alcohol, but hard drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and abuse of narcotics. I became involved in a downward spiral of self-destruction as a simple attempt to mask symptoms that I could not cope with anymore on my own. I had also sought out medical help and began a regime of medications that were prescribed by a professional. These medications were helpful but not completely effective, and I continued my behaviour of abusing substances in a desperate attempt to further alleviate my symptoms.

The first time I had tried smoking cannabis, it was with a friend in the later years of high school. I had no frame of reference as to what to expect, but my experience was one of a couple of hours of feeling generally relaxed and able to converse without anxiety or peer pressure stress. With this one experience being quite pleasant, I then began smoking cannabis on a regular basis, of course knowing nothing about different strains, different cannabinoids, or any medicinal benefits associated with cannabis use. At this time (1985) there was not a lot of mainstream knowledge about cannabis and the use of it was generally classed as detrimental and something to be avoided. I secretly partook in cannabis use amongst all of the harmful substance abuse behaviours, on top of taking my prescriptions.

It was with reaching middle adulthood that I started experiencing respiratory symptoms from cigarettes combined with smoking cannabis on a regular basis. I was involved with regular therapy for depression and anxiety, and with even the smallest bit of insight I started thinking about healthier ways to cope with psychiatric symptoms. As a result I made a conscious decision to stop using hard drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, but to continue with prescribed medications. Cannabis always gave me relief and I did not want to give that up, but needed a relief from the progressive respiratory symptoms that I was experiencing after years of chronic use. I had always been a lover of kitchen activities and actually was quite talented in the area of baking and experimenting with different foods. So then I began to think about alternate methods of ingesting cannabis to achieve relief for my lungs and also to achieve the benefits of relaxation, increased appetite, social connection and suppressed tics that cannabis had always given me.

I began learning about the different strains of cannabis, different compounds and properties of it, and the various medicinal benefits of its healthy use. I started experimenting with infusion of cannabis into fats for baking and cooking. Soon enough I was using infused cannaoil and cannabutter into baking such items as cookies, brownies and muffins, and found that I could ingest these products and achieve similar medicinal benefits that I was getting via smoking. In fact, I actually preferred eating the cannabis-infused goods as they provided me with more of a relaxed 'body-high' that was more gentle and pleasant than smoking. The use of cannabis edibles provided me with such psychiatric benefits that now, at 49 years old, I have achieved a stable weight and more relaxed relationship with food, overall anxiety and panic relief, lesser frequency and intensity of tics, and ability to be much more genuine with my peers and insightful about my own presentation in the world.

My dream now is to become increasingly knowledgeable about the various emerging properties and researched uses of cannabis and to spread my success to the general public with an option for ingestion of the plant. The idea for The Botanical Brownie was born. I have found this idea for providing “delicious relief” to consumers of my well-crafted, premium products and to fulfill my ultimate passion for human care. Cannabis benefits extend well beyond just psychiatric benefits, also providing social and community benefits and overall physical symptom alleviation.

As I enter into my 50th year, I feel that a combination of effective therapy, reflection on my life events, and smart use of cannabis have all provided the essential benefits to me that will allow me to progress successfully in relationships with others and business. I have my health back and a genuine presentation of myself so that I can maintain friendships without withdrawing and having to be contrived. Cannabis has given me the ability to achieve psychiatric relief and human connection and I am proud to say The Botanical Brownie will be in business to provide such options for the general public as well.


Welcome to the world of delicious relief, happiness and premium delicious treats!!