5 Reasons Cannabis is Great for Women's Health

According to Lifehack, cannabis has been proven to run the gamut in medicinal relief. From slowing the spread of cancer cells, to preventing Alzheimer’s, and protecting the brain from concussion and trauma, research has consistently linked numerous health benefits with cannabis use.

Here are 5 reasons cannabis is great for women’s health:
  • Provides PMS Relief: Cannabis is a holistic cure for menstrual cramp relief. Medical Marijuana cites studies that show cannabis to “lower pain levels that had otherwise proven refractory to traditional treatments.” 
  • Manage Depression and Anxiety: Cannabis that is ingested in a controlled manner has been proven to help women. A new study at Vanderbilt University has found that cannabis “could have broad implications for the potential treatment and prevention of mood and anxiety disorders.”
  • Relief for Chronic Illness and Pain: Cannabis helps reduce symptoms that are commonly associated with chronic illness, disease and physical suffering. These symptoms include: lack of appetite, headaches, nausea, severe pain, tremors, and body aches.
  • A Natural Sleep Aid: Cannabis is a healthier alternative to over-the-counter and prescribed sleep aids. Not only does it help the user achieve rest, but there is also no chance of accidentally overdosing.
  • Source For Better Skin and Hair: The Huffington Post finds, “There is clinical research that cannabinoids have anti-aging—antioxidant-properties. Cannabinoids are responsible for lipid production and, therefore, for regulating conditions such as dry skin or acne.”

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